Zorah UnThreaded is a fully handmade, size inclusive crochet fashion brand crafted by Brittany Walls. With our focus on uncovering one’s confidence and unique style through each beautiful piece, the Zorah UnThreaded brand is sure to serve as a reminder to take care of yourself in all way in order to be your best for others.


About the Designer


Who knew that a slow summer before my freshman year of high school would open the door to endless creativity with crochet?

I never really had a desire to crochet until that very summer. With the days stretching long, I continue staring at this crocheted blanket my mother made when she was around age. Saying to myself, “how hard could it be to crochet?”, I ran straight to YouTube or “YouTube University” that is. I graduated from learning simple crochet patterns to making wearable garments for everyone to admire.


Mental health and becoming confident with being myself has been a never ending struggle. But, crochet has served as my comfort for the past 10+ years. Turning to crochet, I could always get the satisfaction of accomplishment when I finished creating a garment. Through crochet, I’ve also discovered that ones sense of style doesn’t have to be defined. I design, make and wear what makes me feel my absolute best when I step out the door. I hope to do the same for you!